Seasonal Recipes: Homemade lavender oil pillow spray and sleep cloth for children

One of our little boys has profound autism and this sleepy spray blanket forms part of our nightly routine to help him to settle down for sleep peacefully.  I prefer to spritz the mild scent onto a cloth, as opposed to a pillow, because I am then able to warm the blanket on a radiator or in the airing cupboard first.  I can also remove it once he has fallen asleep, so that he isn’t breathing in the essential oils all night, and he then doesn’t have it during the day, so there is no risk of it becoming a habitual comfort blanket he cannot be without.

A muslin cloth can be washed and dried in minimal time, is entirely portable (for day trips, holidays or long journeys where a nap might be needed) and easily replaceable.  We usually give the warm, lavender cloth to our son around an hour before bedtime, just after he has had his evening bubble bath, and he loves it – holding it to his cheek and breathing deeply.*


6 drops lavender essential oil

4 drops frankincense oil (or replace with four more further drops of lavender oil)

2 tbsp witch hazel

7 tbsp boiled, cooled water.


Small jar with lid (or a small bowl and spoon)

Small funnel

Recycled old perfume jar or small spray bottle.

Muslin baby cloth


Place the oils and witch hazel into the jar, put the lid on and shake to disperse the oils.  Then add the water, replace the lid, and shake again to combine the ingredients before using the funnel to decant the liquid into the spray bottle.

*before using essential oils, check that it is appropriate for your own family.  For example, Lavender is not recommended during pregnancy, and is often cited as toxic for cats.

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