Seasonal Recipes: Scottish Raspberry Shortbread

Scottish Raspberry Shortbread

(Original recipe: Scottish Baking by Sue Baker)

I’m going to file this recipe under “Autumn” as raspberries are in season from August-October here in England.  However, they do make a delicious treat for Burns Night.  I’ve reduced the number of raspberries from the original recipe, as my children find the shortbread very crumbly and this ratio helps to hold the delicate biscuits together.



200g butter/dairy free spread, softened.  A little extra for greasing the tin.

100g golden caster sugar, extra for sprinkling on top

250g self-raising flour, sifted

70g medium oatmeal

150g fresh raspberries


Swiss roll tin (or similar low-sided baking tin approx 23x33cm)

Baking parchment

Kitchen Mixer (or you could mix by hand … it will take a while)



Kitchen scales


Cream butter and sugar together until pale and creamy.

Combine the flour and oatmeal, and then carefully add it to the creamed mixture in batches, waiting for each batch to be incorporated before adding more.

Grease the Swiss roll tin and then press down the baking parchment to line it, leaving an overhang to use as handles, to pull the delicate shortbread out later.

Pre-heat the oven to 150degreesC

Arrange the raspberries on the tin in even lines.


Press the shortbread mixture around and over the raspberries – it should just about cover the bottom of the tin.  It will look messy – this is absolutely fine.


Prick the mixture all over with a fork and then place in the middle shelf of the oven for 40 minutes or until golden brown.  (My oven takes an hour, because it is old and temperamental.)

Sprinkle the shortbread with sugar and then lift it out of the tin ever-so-carefully using the baking parchment, and place it onto a wire rack to cool.  It will be very fragile and soft, so do not attempt to remove the baking parchment.


Cut the cooled shortbread into squares.  (Tip:  The raspberries are prone to stain wooden chopping boards as you cut the biscuits out – so use an old one!)


If you have any left over … and it doesn’t all vanish in minutes, you can keep it in a tin for   24 hours.  If you pop it in the fridge for a while, it will be less fragile to handle.


One of our closest friends bought us some delicious Scottish Shortbread for Christmas (how well they know us) – so we now have a lovely tartan tin to keep our homemade version in 🙂


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Scottish Baking by Sue Lawrence