Almanac: The Secret Forest Rope Swing

I had to ask the children’s permission to share this with you, because this post gives away the existence of their secret forest rope swing… they’ve agreed, as long as you keep it to yourselves.

In previous posts we’ve shown the farmland and woodlands that are right beside our home, whilst this is one of the ancient woodlands, a short drive (or a longer hike) north of the village we live in.  Here’s the pathway that meets you:

After 10 minutes the path then opens out into a clearing, before you veer right into the less-trodden forest paths.

I like to mark the seasons by taking photos of the forest floor… which after autumn is usually covered in sweet chestnut husks and fungi.

After a short climb…

… you can just about make out the outskirts of the largest town in the area, through the trees and across the fields.

And this was the first time we found the swing that someone had rigged up, just on the other side of the hill, with no path leading to it – but luckily we discovered it, just the same.

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