Potager Garden: Late winter in the garden with a little helper

It is very cold today, but the bright sunshine and clear skies make the garden irresistable. Warmed by cups of hot tomato soup, we check the vegetable plot’s progress.

All of our onion sets are now sprouting. The seed company have just sent through a delayed order of giant garlic bulbs and, as I usually plant my onions in November, I am wondering whether it is too late for them to go in?

I have an eager helper with me today. I show her how to pluck out small weeds from the raised beds and she places them in her wheelbarrow.

I keep a weather-worn gnome, bought for me when I was little by my late grandparents, tucked safely into a sheltered corner of the vegetable garden. My daughter thinks he is a real elf, and always pauses for a chat. His hat was chipped off long ago, as she is the fifth of our children to play with him.

The first of our primroses are flowering. Tomorrow, if the promised rain does not appear, we will put them into a terracotta pot beside the playhouse porch.

Whilst I work on the bedding plants, my little one watches the birds in the tree. Our most regular visitors, a couple of gold finches and a robin, are still trying to work out if they are safe to hop down onto feeders when she is near.

My third son was playing in the stream this morning and I go over to “fix” it. As I start to put stones back, I realise that actually, it looks more natural, and the reflections and sounds of the water are far better now with the stones that he has dropped in. I leave it just as it is 🙂

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