Potager Garden: The First Frosts of Autumn

It is now utterly dark when I wake up, here in Middle England.  The happy side effect of this is that I can watch the sunrise as I eat my porridge.

A few days ago, the first frosts arrived.  I love the early morning crisp whiteness, and the eery, soft, pre-dawn light.

Our Savoy cabbages are centre stage, now that the late summer marrows and tangles of pumpkin vines have all been harvested.

Newly arrived in the raised beds, are curly kale…

… and a range of over-winter cabbages.

Over 500 naturalising bulbs have gone into the borders and pots, (bearing in mind our garden is rather small!) including English daffodils, bluebells, and snowdrops, to give us a cheerful show of colour in late winter and very early spring.  I am nurturing a little Edelweiss plant from a seed company, with hopes that we may see some little white star-like flowers.

The last main planting job was getting the garlic, red onion, white onion and shallot bulbs into the remaining space in the raised beds.

It did not take the onions long to spring into life.

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