Potager Garden March 2020

Any faint glimpse of sunshine (which I am currently defining as “not torrential rain”) and I am out in the garden now. This morning, before anyone else was up, I was outside, checking for signs of spring.

In my second son’s little patch of garden by the patio, several crocuses have come into bloom quite late and lend the border little bursts of joy.

In fence baskets just above, the heather is far from being in flower and yet, if you peer very closely, it has the most beautiful blush pink tints of colour to its foliage.

I planted little baby forget-me-not plugs around the heathers last autumn and can now just make out the clusters of miniature, dark blue flowers forming inside. I have placed dozens of these about the garden, especially around the playhouse where I think their small scale will work really well in my attempt at a “model village” style garden, and cannot wait to see them all come to life.

Meanwhile in the veg plot, the garlic is thriving. Garlic is one of the few veggies that always seems to do consistantly well for me. I was a little concerned that the red onions had not survived the winter rains … I would have expected the green shoots to be making an appearance months ago and I check them every day.

Today it is great news – finally, a sign of life. I suspect the others will not be far behind. This will probably work out for the best – last year all of the red and white onions all matured in the same fortnight and maybe this year they will be a little better staggered for us.

Another small worry was that the rhubarb had been moved since last summer. It was very happy in the old raised bed (now recycled as the new compost bin) and I had been warned by seasoned gardener friends that it might be a year or more until it reappears. Imagine my happiness in spotting these little nodules amongst the bark, beside the bridge, this morning.

I get right down at ground level and there is this year’s rhubarb, curled and coiled, very much alive and ready to unfurl.

As I turn back towards the house, the first two wild English daffodils are in flower. I go back inside and jot down all of the things that need fixing in my garden journal. This afternoon, we’ll be planting more seeds 🙂

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