Almanac: Autumn Hike to the Castle Ruins

A completely blue sky in autumn, after days of low dark clouds and rain.  We could not stay inside today.

Pulling on wellingtons, we crossed the village, climbed the hill and picked our way through muddy fields towards Bradgate.

Everywhere looks different.  Buildings in the far distance that were obscured by tall crops just a few weeks ago, are now dotted along the horizon.

You cannot tell here, the amount of water underfoot.  It is as if the grass is floating on a lake.  Our youngest temporarily lost his wellington, and took a lot of convincing to put it back on again as he always prefers to be barefoot.

Just over the ridge, we are suddenly rewarded with the view of the Lady Jane Grey’s Castle Ruins, and the familiar sight of Old John – the tankard shaped tower in the far distance.  A hundred years ago, horses were raced around the hill and it was built as a viewing platform.  High up to the left is the war memorial.

This gentle stretch of river that runs through the park, is one of my most favourite places.  It has not changed since I was little.

One final little climb, with the castle in the distance behind us…

…and then a picnic with a view, before heading home.

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