Potager Garden: Beetroot, chives, carrots, onions and a helpful ladybird

We spent Sunday building our second large raised bed, which involved moving a lot of bedding plants around to create the space, and then we started to transplant the larger of our seedlings into pots and borders.   This is when having a big family of enthusiastic children really helps!   Just two more raised beds to build now before summer.

This morning the bright sunshine had woken up all of the beetroot and chamomile seeds …

… and the chives have started to flower in the garden.  This large, thriving plant was last year’s tiny seedling.

I am so pleased to see the little maple that we planted last year back in leaf.

The pickling onions, which have been growing outside from seed in a large pot, are looking promising …

… and we can now see the tops of our container-grown carrots.

Last week, I took our french beans out of the kitchen, and placed them on the patio.  The next morning I was dismayed to find that they were covered in flies, swarming over the leaves.  As we are organic gardeners, I started to search the internet for solutions but I needn’t have worried; within hours a large fat ladybird was taking care of the problem for us!

Happily, fresh new leaves are now starting to grow.

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