#Vegan Smokey Garlic Ketchup

#Vegan Smokey Garlic Ketchup The base for this ketchup comes from one of my favourite books The Homemade Vegan Pantry – which provides great basic recipes and also explains the science behind store cupboard staples. I was surprised how incredibly easy and fast it is to make ketchup – I’m a complete convert to the homemade version. Ingredients:  […]

A journey through the rhododendron labyrinth

Very early on Easter Sunday we visited the Labyrinth at Beacon Hill Country Park in Leicestershire.  At this time of day it was completely empty and we were able to listen to the birdsong all around us.  We also took a video, so that you could travel into the centre of the rhododendron tunnels with […]

The Old Treehouses

Just a short journey from home there are vast acres of parkland, with rocky outcrops, banks of bracken, gentle streams and, near the top of one of the many rolling hills, a cluster of trees known in my family as “the treehouses.”  These are ancient trees that are hollowed out with many years of rough […]