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We are a family of seven – and you’re joining us part-way along a really long road to a self-sufficient and sustainable life.  We are also Buddhist and two of our little children have profound autism, so living simply and enjoying the quiet, peaceful, outdoor spaces around us, is not only a wish, it’s a necessity.

We do not own a farm. We live in a normal house, with a relatively smallish back garden, sandwiched between miles of protected ancient woodlands to the north and an encroaching big city just minutes to the south, with a buffer of farmland around the English village we live in.

We thought it would be a great thing for our four boys and tiny girl* to see all of their adventures written up in one place for them to read and it has evolved beyond anything we imagined.

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2021 Update

At the point of starting this blog I was still storing my drawings in a box in my wardrobe and it was my lovely readers here and the online gardening community that gave me the courage to share my art. In 2020 I opened my little art shop and you can find it here: Tiny Potager Shop.

If you would like to get in touch, we would love to hear from you and we always make an effort to respond to every message we receive.

Either leave us a comment on any of the posts or find us at:





Tiny Potager YouTube Channel

*Edited to include our little daughter, born 2018.

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