The Audrey Rose, a new creative direction and a thank you

The Audrey Rose Collection is inspired by and named after my lovely friend Audrey. She was kind enough to give me permission to use a photograph of her favourite David Austin rose as a reference for my work.

Work in Progress: The Audrey Rose part-drawn on my iPad Screen

Audrey is the founder of the weekly #FlowersOnFriday Twitter event.  Gardeners from around the world share photos from their homes, gardens and allotments, providing some much-needed cheer during the difficult months of lockdown.  Audrey is beloved by the online gardening community and you can find her here: Flowers on Friday

To create the rose I used the Procreate iPad app.  The Derwent Pencil setting allows me to work just as I would on paper.

The Audrey Rose Wall Canvas

At a distance, the rose may look a little like a photograph.  If you look very closely though, you will see all of my pencil strokes and the myriad colours that work together to form each petal.

The Audrey Rose, close-up of the petal detail

Through working on this special tribute to Audrey I have found a love of drawing detailed flower designs.  If you have seen my previous artworks that I have placed in the Tiny Potager Shop, I am sure you will appreciate the change in style.  My love for the natural world, my garden and creating a sense of timelessness has taken a new direction, and as I follow this creative path I am excited to see where it will lead.

I give thanks to all the people, too many to name, who encourage me with their company, kind words and support, helping me to develop as an artist.

Best wishes

Beck; Tiny Potager

Click here to see the Audrey Rose Collection

For Commission Enquiries please email


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