Potager Garden: Winter pots, the briefest snow shower and homemade lavender soap

Our toddler daughter has become custodian of the assorted terracotta pots of late winter bulbs. Every day, she carefully lifts them over to the raised beds for inspection.

Each crocus is petted, kissed and whispered to, before being placed back on the wooden ledge. I wonder what she is telling them for it must be working – they have more than outlasted their usual flowering time.

The heavy rains have brought yet more stones to the surface of the beds. It is taking a long time to hand pick them, so I am looking at investing in a garden sieve. I glance up from my work and spot that my daughter thinks my kneeler makes a great trampoline for her ball.

Being March, it is not long before the sun vanishes, and the skies look an ominous, uniform, heavy grey. The air smells like snow.

Sudden changes in the weather acutely affect our two autistic younger sons, who are extremely sensitive to air pressure drops, so this is my cue to tuck them into bed, wrapped in blankets with a chewy treat to munch on, to try and reduce the symptoms of dizziness and headaches.

Time to prepare lunch. I find if I almost par-boil whole, peeled carrots, my daughter’s blunt baby knife will cut through them and she can practise her cooking skills alongside me. We spend some time building giant carrot towers. She sneaks the occasional slice; carrots are so sweet that she thinks they are a special treat.

Then the hail arrives, soon replaced by snow. Not cold enough for it to settle, the little dots of ice quickly melt away. Within ten minutes, there are light blue skies again.

In the afternoon, my second son and I make homemade soap together with the last of the dried lavender we preserved the previous summer. We use small lego moulds to create calming, soapy, building blocks for the youngest three children. The larger soaps will be given to friends and family as gifts.

Here in the kitchen our windowsill seeds are starting to germinate. Looking out, I see the white furry buds on our apple tree and miniature leaves are sprouting on the hardy shrubs. It gives me the inspiration I need to complete any leftover indoor winter tasks, knowing that when spring arrives we will be spending long, happy days in the garden.

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  1. Carrots are sweet!

    I’d been looking for the Tiny Potager since the weekend.

    Atmospheric changes affected me last Monday and Tuesday. They really reveal what is weak in the body/not working as it ought.

    And that’s a Frederick Warne knife – from the Beatrix Potter universe!


  2. So love being allowed to take a peek into your world Mrs TP.. And I am sure if your daughter keeps whispering to those crocus’s they are bound to thrive.. And her carrot chopping skills look great.. 🙂
    As for the weather.. here too the wind swiftly moving clouds from a sunny spell, to a dark gloomy sky with a down pour of hail… We too had a huge downpour of hail that turned the ground white.. yet snow still only blowing specs in the wind and not settling here.

    Your Lavender soap.. Hummmm I can almost smell it … just love lavender and your bars of soap look very inviting..

    Hope you all have a wonderful week… Loved your photos and take care all of you. ❤


  3. That little girl of yours is just adorable, whispering to bulbs and chopping her carrots. I love lavender, but mis read your title and thought you were going to make soup! Not sure lavender soup would be nice but that soap looks amazing. I’m a big fan of lavender.

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