Winter … and a welcome return to tree climbing

Our visit to Bradgate today is a special one.  It is a welcome return to tree climbing.  Our second eldest son has spent the last six months recovering from a broken arm, caused by a painful cyst in the bone. To our immense relief, he has had an all-clear that everything has healed and he can now return to living the active life he had before.  We are so proud of how our son handled everything, he never complained whilst spending the hottest months of the year on bedrest, in full shoulder-to-wrist plaster.

It is a beautiful day to be in the park. Everything feels so still and filled with potential … as if the vegetation is collectively primed for a signal to burst back into life. We spot a new nest in a tree we often walk past.

Just seeing my son suddenly point out a bird with his “bad arm” is such a joyful thing to behold.

Up ahead of us are my husband and the rest of our boys. I stay behind whilst our returned climber clambers over fallen tree trunks. I am carrying his little sister in her back carrier and she cheers him on enthusiastically. I can tell she wants to get down and join in, but the light is fading, the park will close soon and I know I will never convince her to get back in again.

The view from the top of the hill over the canopy of greens and oranges towards the village, is one of my favourites. Meanwhile, my son finds another lightning-hollowed tree to explore.

I have often thought that this triad of gnarled, ancient trees look as if they are in deep conversation with each other. Deep underground, their roots must be as intertwined as their branches above.

My son finds a path through the bracken. I love seeing him treading over the difficult terrain again without a care. Our 17 month old shouts “hurry up Mummy” from over my shoulder as I try and carefully pick through the potential trip hazards.

Our lungs have that wonderful cold feeling of having breathed in lots of crisp fresh air and all of the children have flushed red cheeks. We get home just as the sun sets in red streaks across the sky.


  1. Lovely post. I’m pleased about the arm, although as we have only linked up recently I hadn’t known about it. I smiled at your verbal 17 month old – as the youngest of 7 she would have developed her language early.

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    1. Thank you Derrick, I’m reading all of the lovely well wishes out to my son and he is so pleased 🙂 Our daughter is very chatty – and it has been brilliant, not only because we delight in hearing her, but also as it is helping her two non-verbal brothers as they are copying her learning to talk. The house has never been so noisy! 😀

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    1. Thank you 🙂 The park are actually cutting down a lot of trees at the moment, as recent storms made them a risk – but I think these three are very firmly in the ground! My son says thank you very much for the well wishes 🙂


    1. My son says thank you Laurie 🙂 We’re lucky to have the parkland just down the road … although it’s doing a bit too well at the moment, as it was suddenly voted in the top ten days out in England in a national paper – now we have to go very early or very late to miss the tourists 😀

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  2. Love that fresh feeling of cold air in the lungs Mrs TP.. And Trees, don’t get me started on trees.. Just love them, hug them, talk to them, lol. and so love their twisted shapes and images you often see in the bark…
    Wonderful Walk… Thank you for sharing your lovely family with us.. ❤

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    1. Hello Sue – I am just reading “the secret life of trees” – and if you love trees and have not read it yet, I think you would really enjoy it 🙂 Thank you, as always, for your kind and thoughtful comment xx

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      1. I will have to add that to my reading list Mrs TP… I recently bought five new books, and also re-picked up my knitting needles yesterday, As I couldn’t resist some new Aran wool for a waistcoat Aran pattern I had been itching to make.. Hence my quieter time here on WP… Loving your site Mrs TP, and thank YOU.. ❤

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          1. It was a perfect knitting day and I got half a back done.. 🙂 And smiled at your Aran jumper … I remember one of the first knits I ever did for hubby, his sleeves were miles too long, He never wore it, I undid it in the end and as it was navy in colour I knitted
            a school cardigan for my young daughter and school jumper for my son… So it didn’t go to waste.. 🙂
            Enjoy your writing in your snug jumper 🙂

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