Watching wild seals at Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

This was our first camping trip of 2017.  As we live in the very middle of England, the furthest possible point from the sea in every direction, there is a feeling of sheer joy at seeing sand and waves again.

-scroll for video-

Our little ones sit on a picnic blanket and dig their toes into the sand and our eldest two boys create channels for the estuary water to wash around sandcastles and forts.

Now look closely at this picture, just to the left of the lady walking the dog, in the distance, there is a black smudge on the edge of the water …

We go for a closer look … could it be?

The smudge promptly flopped into the water, and we spent several hours watching six seals play in the estuary, just metres away from the shore where we stood.



  1. What a special treat for you and the children! It’s one thing to see captive animals but quite another to see wild creatures. I just love the photo of your little one delighting in the sand – throwing it in the air – great capture!

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    1. Thanks! I was ducking whilst taking the picture 😀

      We’re trying very hard recently to avoid zoos and sealife centres, and show the children native wild animals in the natural world … although these seals were so unfazed by humans and very friendly. They actively sought out kayakers and followed them 🙂

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  2. J > Lovely photos – of a lovely place. It’s more than 15yrs since D and I made a late spring holiday on the Norfolk coast – exploring with the motorhome we had then. Happy days! Glad you had a lovely time there, too – your photos capture it.


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