Muddy wellies and repotting french beans

Today we’re repotting these French Beans, and hopefully going on a walk across the fields to find twigs to use as canes for them.

My 7 year old’s wellies are starting to show the signs of a seasoned gardener …

and the mushrooms continue to show signs of life…

We now have grapefruit peel all primed and ready  to try catch the pesky-kale-and-brussels-destroying slugs tonight (thanks to Carolee at HerbalBlessings for the excellent advice!).  We used the grapefruit flesh to make a homemade facemask – you can find our recipe Here.

Tomorrow we’ll be writing about how our chinchilla is helping to keep cats off the garden (yes, really 🙂 )


  1. I have some beans growing inside too…along with flowering vines. Sticks and twigs are a good idea…it will be time for me to take a look around for them too.

    1. We’ll be doing runner beans soon too – but we usually grow those in the ground outside, as they seem to need no help at all. Last year we grew them into dens for the children to play in 🙂

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