Mam Tor in Late Summer

Eco-touring Derbyshire by Electric Car

Tesla Touring for a family of six – Where to charge, visit, and park…

High Peak Estate, Derbyshire

We love the High Peak area of Derbyshire, especially Mam Tor, which was the first “serious” hill our little children ever climbed.  Tesla announced this week that there is a new bank of Superchargers at the M1 Woodall Services, meaning we can now really tour the area.  Camping out at sites with more basic facilities, in the middle of the moorlands, without electric hook-up – is no longer a problem.  Can’t wait!

Scroll for maps and parking.

View of the Edale Valley, from Mam Tor

You can tell from the swirling clouds how breezy it was; hats quickly get stowed into bags before they flew away.  The children loved this part and yelled happily against the high winds that it was just like being hobbits, at the peak of Weathertop, in Lord of the Rings.

This paved path, winding its way off to distant hills, is so wonderfully tempting – we had to remind ourselves that it was fast-approaching dusk and at some point soon, we would need to backtrack…

The sheep are used to hikers, and followed us for some way hoping, perhaps, for a share of the picnic.

Below: Suddenly our eldest looked very small against that sky.

Our Top Tips

  • For facilities (especially if you have little children as we do) we recommend stopping off first in the pretty village of Edale, at the carpark next to the Penny Pot Cafe.  When we were there, we spotted a children’s outdoor play area next to the carpark too.
  • The hill has sudden gusts of wind and there are steep slopes – we recommend having younger children in a carrier, or on reigns, at all times.

Charging the car and the route, parking and facilities

Tesla Supercharger at Woodall Services, parallel to Edale and Castleton.

We used the Mam Nick Car Park (National Trust) and followed the well-signed path up to Mam Tor

As we arrived in the late afternoon, we did a shorter version of the walk.  For more details of a three-mile circular walk of Mam Tor see the National Trust Website


    1. Thank you 🙂 I just grab photos quick with my iPhone whilst on the go – so that’s very kind of you! The light that day was pretty atmospheric and I think it helped! x

    1. I love border collies – I bet they love living on a farm, all that space! I think Derbyshire is a little forgotten in comparison to the Lake District here in England, but it’s much, much closer for us. Hopefully we’ll be back there soon to pick wild garlic by the river at Ilam, near Dovedale 🙂

    1. It’s very pretty, and Dovedale is well worth visiting if you’ve never been … I’ll have to find our photos of the caves and river valley there from last year …

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