The miniature bottle greenhouse experiment

We don’t yet have a greenhouse, and have completely run out of space in the kitchen, so in late February/early March I’ve been experimenting at getting things to grow outside, without having to buy cold frames.

Below is a picture of my experiment – I planted several spring onion seeds in each pot in this tray.  Four are open to the elements and four have recycled bottle-halves over them to create mini greenhouses.  I added netting, just to rule out any birds or mice stealing the seeds from the open pots.

After a fortnight, all of the normal pots are still the same – but today, when I checked under the bottles, all had little seedlings!  I’m definitely going to be saving every plastic bottle I can get my hands on from now on …


    1. I have a similar guessing game between some chives and pickling onions … where I thought I had picked up a waterproof pen for the labels, but my little son was sat colouring next to me and I had picked up one of his washable felt tips 🙂

    1. We’re in the very centre of England … which the internet tells me is planting zone 9a 🙂 But I think I first saw this idea on an American site. Good luck! Let me know how it goes 🙂

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