Lake District Camping – Low Wray, Windermere

Eco-Camping in the Lake District by Electric Car

Tesla Camping for a family of Six – How to pack, where to stay, where to charge…


Packing the Tesla

When we arrive at campsites, we usually have people pop over and ask – how is it we fit an 8 person tent, camping kit, and a family of six (two adults, four children) into a Tesla … and it’s a squeeze, but we just manage it.

The whole tent, plus peg bag, go into the frunk (where the engine is on petrol and diesel cars), we have two children in the middle seats, two in the “boot” seats, facing backwards.  Sleeping bags go under the feet of the children in the back, self-inflating camping mats go behind the boot seats in a small wedge of space.  Clothes go between the two children in the back seats, food for the journey goes by my feet in the passenger space and the children use their pillows as head rests for the journey.

The Campsite and Surrounding Area

For our first camping trip in the Tesla we chose the beautiful Low Wray campsite in Cumbria last September, which is run by the National Trust.  Our tent looked out over Lake Windermere …

Twilight view from the tent:

Our tent can just be seen in the top right of the photo here:

Swan watching from the tent:

Boat trip across Windermere – looking across to the shore where our tent was pitched:

Dew, moss and stone walls at Tarn Hows:

Daring the Kirkstone Pass by Tesla (we recharged on all of the downhills and so we were almost neutral in energy for the trip along the entire undulating pass):

Our top tips

  • Although Tesla includes Spotify and the buffering has improved considerably compared to when it was first introduced, the Lake District signal is often patchy.  For this reason we downloaded playlists for the journey on Spotify on our phones and played the music over Bluetooth.
  • We found that iPads and iPhones were charging very slowly during long journeys and so purchased a USB charger to go into the 12 volt socket – which we find now charges the phones and iPads much more quickly.

Charging the Car

We live in the Midlands of England, so starting fully charged, we have the option to top up at Stoke (where the chargers are in a standard Service Station) and then get a full 40 minute charge at the Warrington Supercharger Site (located at a hotel, which allows you to use the facilities) – we usually take a family picnic to eat whilst we wait, as we get to the site around midday.  On the way home, having used up a lot of the stored charge touring the Lakes, we took the Kirkstone Pass and headed over to the M6, where there are several Electric Highway/Ecotricity chargers, which gave us enough charge to make it back to Warrington, and then home.

*NB There are now an additional 12 Superchargers on the Lake District route at Charnook Richard Services on the M6 northbound (for more info click here) which we’ll be trying out in a few month’s time.


  1. Brilliant! Whilst we’re charging up we’re always approached by passers by who are curious to look at the car and have a chat – I think there’s a real shift towards people swapping. I’m just working on writing up our electric scenic tour of the Derbyshire wild moorland – should be online within the next few days, fingers crossed 🙂


  2. We too are considering a Tesla but in Australia there seem to be few charging stations. The Government also slaps a super luxury tax on the Tesla.
    We can charge from our home, so that is a plus and being retired we go on short trips.


  3. Hi Gerard, there are definitely a lot more charging options here than a year ago – including free charging at IKEAs and the ecotricity electric highway …. but nothing beats the Tesla Superchargers for speed (approx. free 270 miles charge in 40 mins). I hope they expand the offering in Australia for you. It seems a real shame the government are taxing an environmentally friendly option. Our dream is to save for a Tesla Powerwall and Solar Panels … but that’s very much a future plan, we’ll have to do a lot of saving up! 🙂


    1. Thanks Brian 🙂 Camping always makes me nostalgic – if you pack light (we have to, to fit everything in the car!) and try and do without a lot of the gadgets – it hasn’t really changed since my parents used to take me as a child in the 80s 🙂


    1. Thank you – and you’ve very welcome. London feels like a very long way from here (hours on a train for us, and really expensive for a family of six!), so we love looking through your photography, especially the walks.


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