The January Garden

There was a countrywide storm on its way to us today, with predictions of driving rain and thirty mile an hour winds, so we had to quickly sneak some garden time before the gales blew in. One pastime I love in the winter months, when flowers are in short supply, is to start looking for […]

Scottish Raspberry Shortbread (vegan friendly)

Scottish Raspberry Shortbread (Original recipe by Sue Lawrence in Scottish Baking) I’m going to file this recipe under “Autumn” as raspberries are in season from August-October here in England.  However, they do make a delicious treat for Burns Night.  I’ve reduced the number of raspberries from the original recipe, as my children find the shortbread very crumbly […]

Mam Tor in Late Summer

Eco-touring Derbyshire by Electric Car Tesla Touring for a family of six – Where to charge, visit, and park… High Peak Estate, Derbyshire We love the High Peak area of Derbyshire, especially Mam Tor, which was the first “serious” hill our little children ever climbed.  Tesla announced this week that there is a new bank of […]