The June Garden

The heatwave of spring has made way for rolling thunder storms. A bright lit early evening was swallowed by a swirling mass of darkening clouds gathered directly above our garden. It was one of those heart racing moments when my count between the lightning and thunder is zero. (The photograph below is not monochrome.) After […]

The May Garden

The first three weeks of May test a gardener’s willpower. It seems so warm and sunny yet you must try and hold your nerve against a surprise last minute frost. I continue the ritual of gathering up my seedling pots and placing them inside the kitchen every night. Just in case. I enjoy the allium […]

English Cherry Flapjacks (vegan friendly)

These are the sweet treats from my potager garden story: Umbrella boats, windowsill seeds and chocolate flapjacks and I quickly learnt through the comments I received from curious readers that in many other countries, flapjacks are another name for pancakes. These are the English variety – a quick and easy store cupboard oaty bake. This […]

The April Garden

If summer brings to mind old English roses, then springtime must be the month of apple blossom. By the first week of April we glimpse the bright red buds starting to unfurl. I have never been so glad of our small patch of green space, for in this national lock-down it allows us to spend […]

The March Garden

Any faint glimpse of sunshine (which I am currently defining as “not torrential rain”) and I am out in the garden now. This morning, before anyone else was up, I was outside, checking for signs of spring. In my second son’s little patch of garden by the patio, several crocuses have come into bloom quite […]

Pineapple Sunshine Cake

Pineapple Sunshine Cake This is the recipe from The February Garden, after receiving quite a few requests for the details of how to make our “little bit of sunshine” cake. It was inspired by Good Food Magazine’s instructions for a Retro Upside Down Cake, but altered for what was in our pantry at the time, […]

The February Garden

My little helper, who pulls on her boots the moment she sees me fetch the kitchen door key, joins me in the garden today. I’m so pleased to see tiny crocuses popping up in the old terracotta pots I bought from the library plant sale last year. I like the look of these old frost-hardened […]

The January Garden

There was a countrywide storm on its way to us today, with predictions of driving rain and thirty mile an hour winds, so we had to quickly sneak some garden time before the gales blew in. One pastime I love in the winter months, when flowers are in short supply, is to start looking for […]

Scottish Raspberry Shortbread (vegan friendly)

Scottish Raspberry Shortbread (Original recipe by Sue Lawrence in Scottish Baking) I’m going to file this recipe under “Autumn” as raspberries are in season from August-October here in England.  However, they do make a delicious treat for Burns Night.  I’ve reduced the number of raspberries from the original recipe, as my children find the shortbread very crumbly […]